Naturally au naturel

by MemoirsOfAnotherDay

Hair. Face. Three new products. BANG! Job done. And my skin, my hair: clean, natural, make-up & hairspray free. No multitasking. No fuss. And with those products happiness is guaranteed. So what to buy? No.1 Sukin micellar cleansing water – removes makeup – and cleanses in seconds! Then of course moisturise! moisturise! Use your fave day cream. No.2 Prime time with Smashbox primer. Velvety soft and ultra lightweight. It combats shine so I love to wear it on its own. And when in need of a quick make-up than my face is ready for a foundation. Easy! No.3 Hair we go! Jāsön dandruff relief treatment shampoo. No: Parabens, SLS or Phthalates. And no dandruff! Forget hairdryer, …have a break! Go au naturel! Get glowing!