by MemoirsOfAnotherDay

4Spontanius is cool. You don’t know where you are going but you know you are heading in the right direction …SUN! Click, pay, pack and off you go. And next day… Hello Tenerife. Land of unknown… as there was no time to buy a guidebook. And let’s be honest we all know that over-planning kills magic, while surprises are simply cool. And there was lots of them from the start.
125Surprise no 1. Here comes the sun, blue blue sky and sunglasses! Life on Tenerife is sublime, relaxing and free of city noise that I am used to – pure joy. And as you enter an island you instantly know that is gonna be a good week where you do what you love and love what you do. Surprise no 2. Well while other sunny destinations are embodied by indigo waters and golden sand beaches, the Tenerife sports mostly short strips of stony, black volcanic beaches, barely barefoot walkable. But hey… 25°C, blue sky and clear, warm ocean waters – all I need in December. And it is there! And my bikini too. Surprise no 3. Mountains to be admired, not attempt to happy-go-lucky climbing. Be prepared for spectacular views and difficult to traverse terrain. Tenerife has surprisingly difficult topography (check map) which makes it inaccessible, too. I found mountain walking of a stuggle. Even smallish hills we’re somehow a big no-no.
9Surprise no 4. Veni Vidi and I loved the balance of colours, smells, luxury of silence (beaches are pretty much deserted in December) and simplicity of …living in the sunshine, swimming in the sea and drinking the wild air… well towards the evening it gets wild.
Here is my visual diary: