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Jurlique Activating Water Essence. I love to use it at nighttime… on my face, neck and decolletage. Scent is insane! Total bliss and RELAXATION. Only takes seconds to apply and absorb. Expensive but worth it as it lasts forever.



Jurlique Activating Water Essence – £40. To buy and more info you’ll find here.

Micro Cell 2000

Micro Cell 2000
Reds, pinks, nudes. Darker, lighter, in matte and full gloss. Nail varnishes are my obsession. Hardly ever you will see me without one. Not having one feels very …bare …naked haha. And I am into more sophisticated, ladylike look so my appetite for nail care continues. Micro Cell 2000 set is my recent love. Nail Repair is by far a winner – strengthens and protects the tips against tearing and splintering. And trust me I hate splits in my nails. But there is a wider array of impressive products within this brand: nail repair remover (tried&tested: 10/10), nail wonder (tried&tested: 9/10), nail vanish in raspberry kiss (tried&tested: 10/10), supersonic professional glass file, cuticle comfort 2in1, cuticle care pen, nail rescue oil and even quick action handcream. As you see quite a few products. Not all of them I’ve had a chance to try yet. But …give me time, just give me time.

Micro Cell 2000 TryMeKit alongside other Micro Cell 2000 products you can buy at: KLM Beauty

1… 2… 3…


This months heroes. Sensual and seductive Jo Malone bath soak. Very handy Flo Refillable Perfume Atomiser in gorgeous pink – handbag essential. And one and only Touche Eclat complexion highlighter pen by Yves Saint Laurent. Super trio. Oh and how gorgeous they look together. Clearly created to amuse and pamper.

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia bath soak – £42 available to buy here.
Flo Refillable Perfume Atomiser in pink – £10 available to buy here.
YSL Touche Eclat pen – £25 available to buy here.


Hygge with Timothy Dunn London


Why not follow the Danish example and bring more {hygge} into your life? Relaxed, happier, calmer YOU! Take the stress out of everyday workload with a big mug of hot cocoa, woollen blanket, pair of cashmere socks and this luxurious Timothy Dunn blue rose candle. This candle will transform your home into real hygge sanctuary. Sit back and fill your senses with an abundance of highly scented roses, mop-headed peonies (I simpy adore peonies!), gentian, heartsease, hollyhocks, forget-me-nots and jasmine. That’s the way to hygge!

More details on Timothy Dunn range you can find here.

1. roughly translated as ‘cosiness’
2. it refers to everything from the art of creating intimacy to cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things.

Bonjour me!

10Dream box. You open it …no no …you look at it and you are instantly happy. L’Occitane in pink means aroma! Every single item inside this box is scent-divine. Fresh, uplifting and in a way invigorating. Yes, you can forget gloomy mornings! And I am having it all to myself. Sorry… no sharing. Well, can you blame me?!? Good day girls…

Tria Age-Defying Laser – first impressions


My skin is not brilliant. Never has been. Enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, forehead full of dark patches and few fine lines here and there. Now being in my late 30s and knowing that my skin progressively loses collagen, I do start to freak out – it’s not great. Despite all that, I haven’t been overly-fixated on facials or radical anti-wrinkle treatments – mainly because they are way-too-pricey (!) who has time for all that (?) and simply because good, old anti-ageing moisturisers seem to be a quick-skin-fix whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s  …well that’s what adverts say anyway. But hey there are good news girls! Let me introduce you to TRIA Age-Defying Laser. Clinically proven, created in collaboration with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, device that uses the exact same technology as professional clinic and salon treatments… all in the comfort of your own home. It’s a convenience and a pure luxury wrapped into one device. Sounds too good to be true? Well I have just started my 12 weeks treatment and love it already! Tria device itself is light and easy to operate. Face cleanser and finishing serum are great addition to my new bedtime routine. Three very simple steps: wash my face, use TRIA Age-Defying Laser device and cooling serum afterwards. Voila!  It couldn’t be better. Actually it could but let me share more details with you in couple of weeks. Ohh I could tell you one thing: things are looking bright!

More details on TRIA products and TRIA Age-Defying Laser you will find here




September. Cold days. Even colder nights. You would think that not much will happen. But hey, there is a surprise: 23°C. Actually even 26°C. Sun. Blue sky. Inviting sea. Bikini, martini and me …on a beach …two days running. HEAVEN in Brighton.
City itself has an energy of London, yet beach front is static, in some way calming and relaxing despite people. Things to do?!? You can walk the streets, tour the city’s magnificent Royal Pavilion or sit at the beach and bling on fish and chips, at any hour of the day! And nightlife goes even better, both at the beach and in a city. Yes welcome to Brighton!
5BrightonBrighton Grand Hotelmusic in Brighton19Eat in Brighton Eat and Drink in BrightonDown on the west coast they got a sayin’ “If you’re not drinking then you’re not playin’.”  Eat in Brighton Brighton Brighton



KOSÉ Cell Radiance Special Starter Kit is my recent back-up travel set. Amazing how those three little pots made a difference to my recent travels. No compromising. No dilemmas on what to take, what I need and whether I can find a space in my case! It is simply brilliant.
The kit features KOSÉ Cell Radiance Replenish & Renew Moisturizing Cream, KOSÉ Cell Radiance Revive & Revitalize Moisturizing Eye Cream and KOSÉ Cell Radiance Refine & Refresh Concentrated Serum. And I think I am simply falling for this Japan’s most innovative cosmetics brand. Kosé serum is my fave, super-light and my skin loves it. You must try it!
6 9


33Wearing creams with SPF, protecting moisturisers or sunscreens never was on my agenda. Well, what skin damage? – I would ask myself. How? When? …here in the UK? …you must be kidding me. But then I have done some research. Reading about sun’s ray, skin damage and skin ageing made me feel ill. I seriously got scared. It got me realise that I was neglecting my skin. And the truth is that it only takes buying a moisturiser with SPF to take all worries of your mind. Best of course if you get a product with extra nourishment to your skin. And girls here it is: epiSpa Organic Illuminating Anti-ageing moisturiser. Most elegant packaging – I am totally in love with this bottle. But it’s what’s inside that counts! First of all it is organic and contains a natural blend of Manuka honey, coconut oil, shea butter, pomegranate seeds oil and macadamia oil – skin food… that’s what our skin loves best! It fights existing signs of ageing and prevents future harm caused by UV ray’s. Say bye-bye to fine lines girls! YAY. What’s more: it is day and night cream – 2 in 1. Ultimate must-have for those who like to keep it minimalistic on a bathroom shelf. Plus: it smells amazing! There is subtle note of cucumber and cherry blossom and it feels amazing on skin. And the final word: after using it for some time now, my fine lines are less visible. I feel so much more confident in my skin knowing that it gets best treatment.

You can get 10% off your purchase of epiSpa Organic Illuminating Anti-ageing moisturiser by using promo code: AnotherDay10

More info on epiSpa products and Manuka honey skincare you will find here.


Naturally au naturel

Hair. Face. Three new products. BANG! Job done. And my skin, my hair: clean, natural, make-up & hairspray free. No multitasking. No fuss. And with those products happiness is guaranteed. So what to buy? No.1 Sukin micellar cleansing water – removes makeup – and cleanses in seconds! Then of course moisturise! moisturise! Use your fave day cream. No.2 Prime time with Smashbox primer. Velvety soft and ultra lightweight. It combats shine so I love to wear it on its own. And when in need of a quick make-up than my face is ready for a foundation. Easy! No.3 Hair we go! Jāsön dandruff relief treatment shampoo. No: Parabens, SLS or Phthalates. And no dandruff! Forget hairdryer, …have a break! Go au naturel! Get glowing!


Hello Jo Malone

888Woman’s needs and desires. Hidden. In one little box. Choosing the right, the only, the very special, very “me” Jo Malone bottle was always tricky. The moment I enter the door of their perfumeries I feel: bonjour, head in the clouds, am I in heaven?!? please let me stay here forever?!? Shame that my wallet doesn’t feel this way. Yes, Jo Malone is an extravagance. To me anyway. But there are some pretty crazy ideas out there and it is fun to have fun with all this bottles for less. And nothing beats mastering creating your signature fragrance. Winter note, summer note. Something for daytime and something for night. Something for today and something for tomorrow. Six little bottles totally memorable.

Bloom Boutique

Delicate and light …that’s what I’m drawn towards in jewellery. Heavy and dark almost suffocates me …so hardly ever you will see me wearing chunky bits. Smaller really is better. Like this Bloom Boutique bracelet. Hearts & string are so deliciously feminine. And there are more glam accessories to be found …check this website girls!

Regal in red


Valentine’s or no Valentine’s red is hot! hot! hot! Vibrant, evocative and aggrevisively full of pleasure. Red it is but lust. Time to say big Hello to Love!

Les battements de mon cœur
Ne cesseront pas ma belle erreur
En langage des cils
Mes grands yeux disent ainsi soit il
Ma peau mon bel amant
Sa température plus un cran
En langage du corps
Dis serre-moi vite et bien serre-moi fort

Love, I dCon’t know
Nothing about love, you know
Hold me till the day is done
All night long let’s have some fun …Vanessa Paradis “Love Song”. 


Bang! Bang! January.

Hello January. Hello newbies. And hello Adele. Black & white, cat-eye on a cover of a i-D Magazine – the original fashion and style bible. Yes, gorgeous – we were missing you! Next in line are: new scent, best ever hair styling mousse and a brand new watch. Lots of fun!

Jacamo Aura – my huge packaging crush. Just check this …funky mellow yellow bottle. I fallen in love with it. But when it comes to actual scent it is a little faux pas. Well I was expecting more citrus and less floral notes.

If you have never tried Umberto Giannini, well the time is now. Mousse miracle. Expect really big volume!

And there is a watch to watch of course. Addition to my little collection. No 14 I believe. Well I just simply couldn’t resist. Christin Lars in black and rose gold found in TK Maxx.
Bang!Bang! Very Happy New Year to me!

Bye-Bye 2015. Hello 2016.

So bye-bye 2015. Hello 2016.
3333996 10

ME + M



M stands for Marika. My friend from Latvia. We haven’t seen each other for a while. Me being busy, working all over England. Her, studying, working in Singapore, France and then in Latvia. And here we are again. Back in south of England. Chatting over glass of prosecco …actually more than a glass. Planning, discussing what we should, could and will do next year. Putting behind whatever didn’t work out, went very very wrong and hoping that we are on a verge of something wonderful. We are, aren’t we? Happy New Year  Everyone!

This selection of chocolates was given to me by M. Bought in Latvia. Gorgeous. Adorable prints. Totally in love.



4Spontanius is cool. You don’t know where you are going but you know you are heading in the right direction …SUN! Click, pay, pack and off you go. And next day… Hello Tenerife. Land of unknown… as there was no time to buy a guidebook. And let’s be honest we all know that over-planning kills magic, while surprises are simply cool. And there was lots of them from the start.
125Surprise no 1. Here comes the sun, blue blue sky and sunglasses! Life on Tenerife is sublime, relaxing and free of city noise that I am used to – pure joy. And as you enter an island you instantly know that is gonna be a good week where you do what you love and love what you do. Surprise no 2. Well while other sunny destinations are embodied by indigo waters and golden sand beaches, the Tenerife sports mostly short strips of stony, black volcanic beaches, barely barefoot walkable. But hey… 25°C, blue sky and clear, warm ocean waters – all I need in December. And it is there! And my bikini too. Surprise no 3. Mountains to be admired, not attempt to happy-go-lucky climbing. Be prepared for spectacular views and difficult to traverse terrain. Tenerife has surprisingly difficult topography (check map) which makes it inaccessible, too. I found mountain walking of a stuggle. Even smallish hills we’re somehow a big no-no.
9Surprise no 4. Veni Vidi and I loved the balance of colours, smells, luxury of silence (beaches are pretty much deserted in December) and simplicity of …living in the sunshine, swimming in the sea and drinking the wild air… well towards the evening it gets wild.
Here is my visual diary: 

HERMÈS Terre D`Hermès


HERMÈS Terre D`Hermès Eau De Toilette. Oh boy – they are dangerously good. The fragrance to rave about all year round. Killer price, though. But hey …it’s Xmas, so why not to splash cash for your loved ones, girls? It’s worth it! And your man won’t be complaining this Xmas. 1-Collages88 1-Collages89 1-homme1 2 7 8

Little Black Bag

little black bagBlack&Leather. There is something elegant about this much-loved combo. Something that will never go out of style. And let’s be honest, little black bag is timeless almost as little black dress. Can you imagine life without one? Surely not! Easy accessory to delight any outfit. Daytime. Nighttime. Big enough for all my essentials. Here little selection of my fave winter things.

f1a 3a 4a 7a




My autumn look just got a wow-factor update with this pearl chic bracelet from Buckley London. Soft pink is pure sofiatication and a little gold-toned detailing adds ultimate vava voom.

Serenity bracelets are available in array of eight semi-precious stones. And now 3 FOR 2! You can mix & match and create your own personal style with endless combinations of beautiful looks. So grab one… or three to suit you and wear it this AW season.

More info on Buckley London jewellery you will find here2 3Buckley London

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